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We are Yanet & Candelaria Manzano a mother/daughter duo. As curvy, Latin, single over 40 mother/daughter duo we have encountered and to this day continue to find that we seem to break a number of stereotypes about women, curves, age, fashion, nationality and business sense or so we have been told. Why anyone thinks a human being specially a woman can be put into a neat little box is beyond both of us. We have yet to meet a woman that is not multifaceted and amazing in their own way. But rather than encouraging and celebrating that, society seems intent on criticism and judgement instead when we as women decide to blow the box up we are suppose to fit in and simply be ALL of ourselves!!!


We are not bloggers by trade, we are the owners of Studio Heart Events Imagineers an all inclusive event company. You can check our company's professional portfolio @ StudioHeart.com. We don't want to tell you were to buy the best clothing or what the newest trends are. We will leave that to the professionals that are amazing at it; rather we want to share all the facets of who we are from: business women creating amazing events for our clients while constantly struggling to keep a balance between work and life, to curvy women over 40 that love to dress up and have fun with fashion, to foodies at heart that forever struggle to balance indulging with keeping our weight and blood pressure under control, to travelers that need to find amazing things to enjoy mostly while traveling for work. to Cuban salsa dancers that enjoy the old classic best. We hope that in doing so we encourage other women to embrace and celebrate ALL facets of who they are no matter how contradictory society says those facets might be.


P.S. This message is been approved by the newest member and current Diva leader of our house, our little chihuahua named: DeeDee

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